Because there's a lot more to do in Singapore than you think!

Benefits of SUP

The board and the paddle

Simple equipment (2 pieces: one board and one paddle)
Versatile equipment (multiple usages)
Light (/ lighter than a kayak, a canoe or a dragon boat)
Affordable to buy
Affordable to rent
Easy to store
Easy to relocate (= portable activity)
No maintenance
Environmental friendly
Perfect board to learn surfing / windsurfing /wakeboarding
Aesthetic on water

The body

Balance on water training or just balance training
Top to toes exercising
Body sculpting
Stand-up position is the most natural position for homo erectus (also to exercise)
+ 2 other possible positions: lying; kneeing
Soft on joints
Good for back pain
Anyone can do it (8 years old and above)
Good reeducation tool (motor handicaps)

The mind

Good mood of being outdoor
Fun to walk on water
Boost up self confidence
Endorphin / adrenaline depending on SUP practice
Meditation / relaxation on water
Family and pets friendly sport
Individual or in pair
Proven effects of surf and water therapy on a autistic children
Proven effects of surf and water therapy on mentally disabled children
Proven effects of water sports for social reinsertion (criminality, etc.)
Can generate new Sports associations, clubs, magazines, forums, etc.

The time and the space

Embrace the water space at one’s own pace
Activity that can last from 20 minutes to 2 (or more) hours
Capability of bringing everyone back to the water shores (non exclusive water sport)
Does not require any specific condition (unlike sailing, windsurfing or surfing)
Tourist trips
Adventure tours overseas (open sea with waves, whitewater…)
Long distance / competition and racing possibilities
Salt water / fresh water / open sea / inland waters
Ocean / water clean-up activity
Simplicity of SUP brings back modern man to water preservation and conservation

Specialized Classes