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PSUPA Certification

The Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Association (PSUPA, is an internationally recognized education association of like-minded paddling professionals, established by leaders in the SUP industry, dedicated to promoting the sport of Stand Up Paddling through instruction and community support.

PSUPA is building a community of innovative and passionate SUP professionals who have high standards for safe, relevant and creative SUP instruction, while having fun sharing their stoke for the sport.

Want to join PSUPA?  The Stand Up Paddling School now offers the PSUPA Flat Water Level 1 certificate in Singapore (Tanjong Beach, Sentosa). The workshop is on demand (min. 2 participants; max. 6). Email for information and/or registration. The next workshop is expected  to be conducted in October 2019.

Flatwater Level 1
The PSUPA Flatwater Level 1 Certification covers the skills you need to teach both a 1- and 2-hour basic SUP class confidently and safely. The curriculum emphasizes water safety, teaching risk management and rescue procedures. You will also learn the basics of SUP business.  Certification is awarded upon completing the course, passing all tests, and achieving a satisfactory evaluation.    This certification is a prerequisite for all other PSUPA Certifications.

 Duration: 2 and 1/2 Days to 3 Days as scheduled with PSUPA Instructor Trainer.
Course Fees:  US$65US  annual PSUPA membership* fee paid to organization (approx. S$85) and S$500 for the entire workshop. Workshop fee includes handouts + rental of equipment and safety devices.
* become a PSUPA member:
Class Location: Tanjong Beach, Sentosa (calm protected flat water, close to shore with no boating traffic)
Goals: Learn how to teach a 1- and 2-hour basic SUP class, learn water safety, and leadership.  Basic SUP business skills are also offered. See Curriculum below for more details.
Minimum Age of Participants: 18 years old.
Teacher-to-Student Ratio:  1 to 6  or 2 to 10.
Certification Valid for 4 Years: PSUPA certified instructors are required to take a one-day refresher course in their certification every four years to keep their certification valid.
Keeping Certifications Active:  Active Annual PSUPA Membership and Current First Aid / CPR certification is required to keep certification active.


  • Have current hands-on (i.e., not Internet-based) First Aid/CPR certification  or  Wilderness First Aid or Lifeguard Training certification.
  • Know basic SUP paddling techniques and directional control. This is not a course for beginners.
  • Be in good physical shape, and able to swim 200 yards and to lift and carry all equipment.
  • Hold current PSUPA membership.
  • Sign liability form, provided by Instructor Trainer.


  • Water safety, which covers, among other things, emergency preparedness and rescue techniques
  • Interpretation of weather and water conditions
  • On-water group management and communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Teaching concepts and techniques
  • How to teach the basic elements of stand up paddling
  • Approaches to teaching students of varying ages, including children; abilities; limitations; and skill levels
  • Lesson formats and preparation
  • Methods of teaching basic paddling techniques
  • SUP gear and equipment overview
  • SUP Business, which covers business models and procedures, including, among other things, how to start a business, insurance requirements, business ethics, marketing, pricing and hiring  instructors.

Requirements for Course Completion and Certification:
Tests are Pass/Fail with Passing grade at 80% or better.

  • Pass on-water test
  • Pass written test
  • Demonstrate ability to teach land-based and on-water scenarios
  • Approval of Instructor Trainer through standardized student evaluation

Note: Instructor Trainer has the right to require further training prior to issuing certification if a student does not adequately demonstrate teaching skills and has a poor student evaluation.

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