Because there's a lot more to do in Singapore than you think!

What is SUP

SUP /S-U-P/ n.

1. Stand Up Paddle: an ancient mode of transportation on water and fastest growing water sports of the 2010s;

2. The Stand Up Paddling School: where you can find out more excitement in Singapore, because there’s a lot more to do in Singapore than you think!

The Sport

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle and it is without doubt the most ancient mode of transportation on water for humans and certainly many other species on Earth. It has seen a revival in the mid-2000, starting far earlier in Hawaii, progressing in Australia, California and coastal European countries. Surfers would use a longer and bigger board (10-12 feet long) and propel themselves with a single bladed paddle on flat, calm or big days, for training or for fun. Since the sport proved itself to be effective on flat water, its geographical expansion naturally spread to other parts of the world where there is water be it saltwater or freshwater (lake, harbor, river, flat sea, estuary…). International outdoor retailer shows now attest records of exhibitors and visitors for the SUP industry; numerous associations and magazines have flourished and are making authority and international racing and competitions are being organized all corners. For recreation, fitness, fishing, racing, tripping, or simply just paddling with kids or dogs, Stand Up Paddling is like bicycles for the waters. The sport is in its infancy and the future is wide open to become mainstream, being so versatile.

The Flair

Media are also much interested in the sport’s growth and appearances: athletes like Laird Hamilton and Brian Keaulana started using stand up paddling as cross training to increase their stamina, balance, and strength while sticking to their “waterman” ways. It was just a matter of time before images started appearing of Laird and others attempting to stand up paddle into bigger waves. Breaking into the real mainstream, the sport began gracing the pages of People and US magazine, featuring high profile movie stars like Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz and Pierce Brosnan talking about how they use the sport to stay in shape while having fun in the sun.

SUP originated in Hawaii in the 50’s as a way for surfing instructors to manage large groups of learner surfers. Standing on the board gave them a better view of what was going on such as incoming waves as well as possibilities to take photos with non waterproof cameras.


















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