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The Stand Up Paddling School is established since 2012 and launches its activities from Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, a prime location and perfect venue to learn how to stand up paddle or to depart for an expedition or a race. Its lagoon makes the learning of stand up paddling safe and easy. It enables to perfect strokes and positions, to conduct water yoga and fitness classes, and offers wide open spaces for on-land training.
Parking, changing rooms, showers and restrooms are 100 meters away.

The old sheds (now demolished, ref. to photo #2) between the 2 life saving posts on Tanjong Beach. It is the same venue since 2012 although the canoe clubs have moved.


Directions: Go to Sentosa either via Monorail (from Harbourfront/Vivocity) and take a walk or take the tram to Tanjong Beach; or by car/taxi/bicycle, pass Sentosa gantry, turn left at the first roundabout, turn right at the second roundabout and take first road to the right (Tanjong Beach/Palawan Beach) –> all the way to Tanjong Beach. Alight at Tanjong Beach Club or park at Tanjong Beach carpark.

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